All talks were held in the Lancaster Room of the “Gallow” (Fakenham Sports Association) on the second Monday in the month at 11:00am

11 April 2022

Sue Parry: The trial of the Detectives

9 May 2022

Eddie Ruthven: The origins of tennis

13 June 2022

Society’s AGM followed by Barry Barnes: President’s entertainment

11 July 2022

Philip West: Villages in the River Burn Valley

8 August 2022

Jack Cates: The Norfolk Wherryman

12 September2022

Callum Sutherland: Murder & Crime Scene Investigation

10 October 2022

Derek Scott: A Misspent Youth – a lifetime potting balls!

14 November 2022

Alistair Sutherland: Ascension Island with the RAF

12 December 2022

Ralph Jackman: How to become a Roman Emperor

9 January 2023

Michael Upton: The Samaritans

13 February 2023

Nigel Morter: Creake Airfield

13 March 2023

Phyllida Scrivens: When the Medics came to Norwich

17 April 2023

Colin Hards: My Family under the Blitz

15 May 2023

Steve Brettell: Another Norfolk Hero

12 June 2023

Club AGM followed by Neville Lunness-Barnes: Stories from around the world

10 July 2023

David Riddle: The Murder of Daniel Morgan – what it says about corruption and incompetence in the Met Police

14 August 2023

Sue Parry: Sgt. Bryant’s Scrapbook

11 September 2023

Lucy Purvis: Ancient Marbles at Holkham Hall